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Our Quality Standards

At Preloved Clothing Online and Studio61, our top priority is quality. We strive to provide our clients with a boutique shopping experience without the steep price tag. To ensure that every item in our shop and online is in the best possible condition, we follow a two-step quality control process.

Initial Inspection Upon receiving items, we carefully examine each piece for damage, marks, and stains. If we cannot clean an item through spot removal, steaming, or de-pilling, we ask our clients to take it back, clean it, and return it to us. This is a crucial first step in our quality control process.

Clothing After the initial inspection, we thoroughly steam clean each clothing item. During this process, we conduct a secondary check for marks, holes, and undone seams that might have been missed during the preliminary inspection. If necessary, we return the item to its owner for cleaning. A good steam clean can truly revitalize an item!

Leather Goods For leather bags, we inspect every pocket and seam, sanitize the interior with disinfectant wipes, and place the bag near a dehumidifier to ensure thorough drying. We then clean the exterior with a leather wiping cleaner. All leather shoes are sanitized inside and cleaned outside. We examine shoe soles for wear and tear and, if needed, use Glitz Goo And Stain Remover to remove dirt and grime. We pride ourselves on our leather restoration skills, including touching up scuffs and nourishing leather. Learn more about our leather restoration process in our blog.

Knitwear We carefully inspect each knitwear piece for moth damage, as these items are often stored away during warmer months and are susceptible to pests. Fortunately, we collaborate with talented Sydneysiders who repurpose damaged wool items, such as a quilter who creates art scarves from vintage textiles and repurposed wool. To refresh wool jumpers with pilling, we steam and gently comb them or use an electric fabric de-piller.

Mending Our skilled in-house seamstress repairs any item with missing buttons or small holes, ensuring top-notch condition.

Vintage Clothing We entrust all vintage items to our local eco-friendly dry cleaner, as many of these delicate pieces require professional cleaning, including vintage silk kimonos and silk dresses.

A Commitment to Quality Our business's foundation is built on exceptional quality standards and meticulous quality control procedures. We treat second-hand goods with the same care as brand new items – second-hand never means second best! Our dedicated team works tirelessly to restore items to their former glory and present them in the best possible manner.

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